Why use IXUS?

IXUS is a proven and complete solution that helps network operators and compliance assessment companies to establish and maintain RF Safety Compliance.

IXUS is an easy to use platform for managing your entire EMF compliance project. The software is designed to get your reports out as accurate and swiftly as possible.

IXUS customer in Australia:
„My employees are now 50% more efficient because of using IXUS. They now look forward to coming to work in the mornings.”“

IXUS customer in Africa:
„Very user friendly… Very useful for site compliance and even for site design and acquisition as real site views help to convince the stake-holders for a site build project.“

Combine your 4G and 5G simulations

The IXUS team has played a fundamental role in the early stages of development of 5G regulations over the past few years. We have been working closely with industry, government bodies, associations and academia to ensure we are ready for the challenges to come.

In IXUS you can seamlessly integrate your 5G technology in the current 4G simulation environment.

Simple 3-Step Compliance Workflow
Step 1:
Gather Info

Gather as-built documents, drawings, aerial photos, network data, pictures and any other info required for compliance – Upload these to the IXUS Manager.

Measurement data can be uploaded directly from your Narda SRM devices using the Measurement Module.

Step 2:
Build 3D models & Calculate exclusion zones

Download your antenna data entered on the Manager directly to your IXUS Modeller.

Create the required models and calculate exclusion zones.

Create your report pictures.

Step 3:
Generate Reports

On the IXUS Manager, all info captured, including your report pictures, will be available to generate professional reports automatically.

The easy way to manage EMF compliance on your mobile network.